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We truly appreciate ALL your time and talents, for helping to make our Parish better. Many hands make great work. For all that you do, we are truly blessed!
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All Our Ministries

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Altar Servers Liturgy

Our members come from among the parish’s faithful men and women, boys and girls, who display a desire to participate in a more intimate way during the mass. The main role of the altar server is to assist the priest at celebrations of the liturgy. Training is provided.

Building and Maintenance Building and Gardening

This group is responsible for the maintenance and improvements to the St. Joan of Arc building and environment in coordination with the Parish priest and Finance committee.

Coffee Ministry Hospitality

Volunteers support the Parish community by serving beverages and light snacks to the congregation after the 10am and 7pm masses in the hall. Volunteering as a family offers a wonderful opportunity to meet and exchange news with members of the parish.

Creation Care Outreach

Group that looks to see how we can care for God's creation.

CWL Catholic Women’s League

We are a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the People of God. Membership offers involvement in a wide variety of activities such as religious celebrations, social gatherings, meetings, parish celebrations, and fundraisers. Each member decides the level of commitment. Women of all ages are welcome to join this dynamic group.

Development and Peace (D&P) Outreach

This ministry educates the Canadian public and our Parish about the causes of impoverishment of peoples and mobilize actions for change. Through various campaigns and the sale of Fair Trade products September to June, the group provides education regarding Fair Trade practices worldwide. The group is a lively and creative group that meets to discuss issues and make plans for carrying out the current education and action campaign.

Eucharistic Ministers Liturgy

Our members serve at Sunday liturgies and Holy Days (i.e. Christmas, New Years, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter). Eucharistic Ministers have the privilege and opportunity to make the moment of communion as personal as possible. Training is provided.

Event Photography Hospitality

Do you enjoy taking pictures and meeting people? We are always on the look out for talented photographers to document the many events that take place at the parish.

Finance Committee Administration

The Finance Committee is responsible for the fiscal health of the Parish. It is made up of qualified lay people who work primarily with the Pastor, Parish Finance Officer and our various committees and groups regarding the Parish budget, financial reporting and sacrificial giving.

Funeral Receptions Hospitality

Committee members help families with receptions in the parish hall following a funeral mass in the church. They recommend available caterers and assist with arrangements including food & beverage, flowers, etc.

Gardening Building and Gardening

Volunteers are responsible for all aspects of the Church gardens including; planning, planting and maintenance.

Greeters Hospitality

Volunteers meet and communicate with the parishioners and visitors to our parish before each weekend mass. Greeters are kept up-to-date regarding parish activities and events so that they can extend this information to the parishioners, or direct them to the appropriate contact person or place, as required.

Hospitality Hospitality

Lectors Liturgy

Our lectors provide the spirit and breath to the Word of Scripture bringing the reading to life for those who hear it by giving it personality, tone and texture. They proclaim the Word at each Mass, every weekend. Schedules are prepared every two months, with special schedules for Christmas celebrations and the Easter Tritium.

Liturgical Arts Liturgy

Merrymakers Senior’s Group Hospitality

This program aims to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to the senior members of our parish community. The group organizes a monthly noon mass and luncheon.

Ministry Commitee Administration

The Ministry Committee guides, develops and sustains stewardship and involvement in all parish ministries. The members advise the Pastor and Pastoral team in the ongoing development and implementation of a multiyear parish strategic plan. Members represent the parish in strategic planning for the archdiocese. They also liaise with the various committees, including Parish council to ensure the ongoing vitality of the parish.

Music Liturgy

This group helps the congregation enter into worship by leading in song. Instrumental and choral music moves peoples’ hearts so they may be open to one another and to God. The 10:00 a.m. choir uses a combination of guitar, piano and other assorted instruments. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. The 12 o'clock choir is more traditional, accompanied by organ and piano. Rehearsals take place Sundays, 10:30 a.m.

Pastoral Care Liturgy

Volunteers bring the Eucharist to isolated or ill parishioners who cannot attend mass, including those who are housebound, as well as those in palliative care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Outreach

R.C.I.A. - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults / Adult Scripture Study Religious Education

Each year adults approach the Parish enquiring about the Roman Catholic faith. Each week we are companions to them as they explore what faith is. We encourage them as we listen to their questions, we read and discuss various topics, pray together and reflect. 
Classes are offered in conjunction with Adult Scripture Study program to provide adult education to ALL adults who are interested in learning Scripture from a Catholic perspective.

Religious Education / Sunday School / Children’s Liturgy Religious Education

This ministry strives to create faith-learning opportunities for the young people of the Parish including pre-school age and school age children from grades 1 through 8. In addition, this ministry provides faith learning through our Sunday School, as well as the preparation of the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

Scribes Outreach

Our scribes provide hand written cards on behalf of the Pastor and the Parishioners of St. Joan of Arc. Cards are sent to the newly registered parishioners, persons who are ill and to the family of individuals who passed away. Congratulatory notes are sent on first year anniversary of couples married at St. Joan of Arc and to those baptized in our Parish the year before.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Outreach

Our members are dedicated to providing direct services and financial aid to the poor. Volunteers are needed to help with home visits, furniture pickup and fund-raising. Home visits involve direct contact with the poor assisting with food, clothing, furniture, budgeting, and emotional support.

St. Joan of Arc Day Committee Hospitality

Once a year, in June, we honour our patron saint, Joan of Arc, by celebrating together by hosting a special mass, bbq and various activities. By taking part in this rewarding experience, you will be able to share ideas in the planning, organization, and implementation of this special day. Volunteers assist in ordering and picking up food/beverages, assembling materials and prizes for games, advertising (posters, flyers, bulletin), setting up areas and cleanup etc.

Ushers Liturgy

Our ushers assist with ensuring the church’s physical environment is safe and set for each mass, greet and assist parishioner in seating, take up the collection and distribute church bulletins at the end of Mass.

Welcome Committee Outreach

This is an active group with dedicated members who call and officially welcome new families and parishioners to the St. Joan of Arc Community. They also introduce them to events and activities that may be of interest, answer any questions, and ensure someone contacts them in any area or ministry that they are interested in.

Winter Welcome Table Outreach

This ministry serves as an outreach to the 'needy, marginalized and homeless' in the centre-west of our city. St. Joan of Arc parish joins with St Peter's as hosts. Parishioners and others serve hot meals Monday evenings, typically November through March. Volunteers help with menu planning, shopping, food preparation, serving and clean up.

Young Adult Group Other

Meeting of people 19 and up for fellowship, service, and spirituality. Contact Fr. Bob for more information and meeting times.

Youth Ministry Youth Groups

Our vision is to create engagement opportunities for Youth age 13 to 18 following the sacrament of Confirmation. Leaders are typically 19 - 35. This is a group ...for youth...led by youth...